--tracklist gives erroneous offsets
Yes - I realised the timings were crap when I listened back to it last night. But in principle it would work quite nicely - it seems to work well with other radio programmes that I've tried. For instance, Steve Lamacq's show from Tuesday gives the track timings, which I turn into a cue sheet with my Python script. I can play the cue sheet on Windows with 1by1, and all the timings seem to match up nicely.

I started downloading some of the Glastonbury sets, and Stormzy's was the first one I got. I noticed the tracklist thing, which I hadn't known about before, and I thought "that'll be handy for knowing which track is playing". Unfortunately of the sets I was interested in, it was only Stormzy and The Killers that had track lists.

Thanks for your help.

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