[FIXED] failed to download radio programme with only podcast2 version

Thanks for that: I can confirm that --versions=podcast2 was enough to allow download.
The metadata shows that "versions=podcast" for previous episodes changed to "versions=podcast2" for the awkward one, as the PID changed from m0003snn to m00040hk, perhaps indicating a change of CDN.
Presumably get_iplayer has a series of "versions" coded as defaults (in the same way as it does for "modes" and so on), though I haven't yet found this in the documentation; I've never needed to change this setting hitherto.
If I were to add podcast2 via prefs, would it take precedence over other settings?  If so, would I need to add the normal defaults explicitly and in sequence to avoid this?
I would like to thank you and all the others who have contributed to the development and maintenance of get_iplayer, which has been so useful to me over many years, particularly in time-shifting radio programmes for my wife to listen to when she has been stuck in hospital.

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