get_iplayer --pvr downloads TV programmes when type is set to 'radio'
Hi folks,

I'm running get_iplayer v3.14 on Raspbian. Starting some time over the last few weeks I've started getting a handful of TV programmes being downloaded alongside radio programmes when using get_iplayer --pvr, even though the search list has 'type = radio' set, confirmed using get_iplayer --pvr-list. I believe this behaviour started with v3.13, but I'm not certain if it was coincident with the update.

I have about 450 search terms defined, in case that's relevant. (This has accumulated over a long time, and I could easily perform some cleanup if that would help.)

My intention is to download radio programmes exclusively, so I also have 'type = radio' set in my preferences, confirmed using get_iplayer --prefs-show.

This is a very minor problem -- I just cron to delete any downloaded MP4 files -- it's just a bit of a waste of bandwidth.

Any ideas?

Let's see the output of --prefs-show then please.

You can copy the output to a reply here but remember to then select the text and click the little get_iplayer symbol in the panel above the text input area - this will format the text so it's easily readable when posted.
Here you go:

$ get_iplayer --prefs-show
Options in '/home/pwt/.get_iplayer/options'
nopurge = 1
refreshexcludegroupsradio = regional,local
type = radio


And what are the PVR entries for the shows/PVR entries that are having the issue?

So those PVR entries that are downloading TV shows - please post the contents of the pvr record here. I know you've said you've checked them for type = radio, but at least others could attempt the download to and see if the behaviour is limited to your machine.
Thanks for the responses.

The output of get_iplayer --pvr-list is captured in the following

Yesterday, three TV programmes were downloaded, with programme IDs of:

- b07pn5ws
- p02d716w
- b0b22drn

This is your problem: search1 2525. See Searching section of FAQ list.
(13-05-2018, 04:39 PM)dinky Wrote: This is your problem: search1 2525. See Searching section of FAQ list.

Got it. Thanks for the help!

(My git log tells me I added that search entry on 6th April -- which is in line with when the problem started).


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