When pressing enter nothing happens?

So i used getiplayer like 2 weeks ago to download the first two episodes of big cats. I try to download the third today, and it doesn't work.

I enter in the code:

get_iplayer --b09pzcg9

Press enter, and it just disappears and nothing happens?

I can't seem to find anything about it in the troubleshooting. Any ideas?
How to download programmes is something covered extensively in the guides. Big link at the top of the page.

EDIT to be super clear - you'll want to read the TV Guide.
If you include --pid in your command line then you'll have success!
I think you want:

get-iplayer --type tv --get --pid b09pzcg9
Oh no you don't.

Firstly --type tv is superfluous for tv downloads as that's the default.

Secondly --get is used for downloading using programme names, where you're downloading using a PID it's --pid