PVR manager Channel info
Channel information seems to be missing from web PVR manager.

Is this known about?

A lot of my searches for radio programs no longer work, and have had to remove search by channel.

reckon channel info disappeared in early december.
Which channels? What searches are you performing?

Please provide specific example that aren't working, even if none are working for you, construct an example and share it here so others can test.
Programme type, tick radio only.
search string .*

returns 16k items.

channel column is blank.

Similar search for TV type seems OK. e.g has channel info.
I can't reproduce this issue. Channel column contains relevant info for me.
1st two pages of 16625 radio listings found & last page (1st 50 returned & last page 1663) had blank channel data.

Now I look further there are listings with valid channel data.

If I search for type radio & channels containing "BBC Radio 4" there are only 161 results returned.
I think there should be several thousand from BBC radio 4 & BBC radio 4 extra.

I'm sure the same search "BBC Radio 4" performed yesterday, produced zero results.

Perhaps it's just a BBC oddity.
rebuilt the cache..
get_iplayer --cache-rebuild --type=tv,radio

A search of all radio listings, all channel info looks good.
Now finds 1800 bbc radio 4 items.

Problems are, I think solved.
No idea why it went awry.

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