Where can I find a Vista-compatible version of ffmpeg?
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Well, that was fairly painless! sorry if I was a bit thick!

It's installed and already downloaded the film I was after however, despite having told the installer not to delete the previous preferences, I cannot find the download anywhere!
Although it is mentioned as the last item in the "download history"

It also warned me that the ffmpeg utility was not found, ...I've read this topic:-https://forums.squarepenguin.co.uk/archive/index.php/thread-1056.html, but it hasn't helped me, there is no reference to installing ffmpeg or where to find it in these FAQ's
Does this output cast any light?
INFO: 0 matching programmes
WARNING: A UK TV licence is required to access BBC iPlayer TV content legally
INFO: Downloading tv: 'Gone Girl - - (b0528n5r) [original]'
WARNING: Required ffmpeg utility not found - not converting .ts file(s)

INFO: Downloaded: 2622.09 MB (02:19:59) @ 22.75 Mb/s (hlshd1) [audio+video]
INFO: Downloading subtitles
WARNING: You have programmes over 30 days old that should be deleted.
WARNING: Find them with 'get_iplayer --history --before=720'
WARNING: or use the 'Recordings' tab in the Web PVR Manager.
WARNING: Use 'get_iplayer --purge-files' to delete all programmes over 30 days o
WARNING: Use 'get_iplayer --prefs-add --no-purge' to suppress this warning.

C:\Users\admin>get_iplayer --prefs-add --nopurge
INFO: Added option 'nopurge' = '1'
INFO: Options file C:\Users\admin\.get_iplayer\options updated


Found where it's squirreled the recording away, however VLC Opens and reads the total time of the "Gone_Girl_-__b0528n5r_original.ts" File but refuses to play it.
EDIT 2:-
having read the above mentioned topic which ends with "dinky" saying "Read the Release Notes" and "timl" responding with the cryptic comment: "dead easy. Thanks. Sorted", I am left wondering if I am truly wandering around in Lewis Carol's Wonderland!
Is it possible to get a direct answer to the question: "How and from where do I install the ffmpeg Utility which GIP seeks?"
Is this:- "http://ffmpeg.org/" the "ffmpeg Utility" which GIP seeks?
If so, do I just hit the download button, and presume that it will amalgamate with GIP?
Floundering around in the dark, I have found my way to:-
Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > get_iplayer > utils>
where I found this:-


So, why does GIP say "WARNING: Required ffmpeg utility not found - not converting .ts file(s)"??

Seems something is broken and I don't know how to fix it!
It's because you're using an unsupported operating system. Microsoft has ended support for Vista, so it's not unreasonable that get_iplayer has too.

I can't provide any useful advice on getting get_iplayer working on Vista, but you could try on the mailing list:


I know a few there still use it on XP so will probably be able to steer you in the right direction for Vista.
Thanks for that SqP, I suspected as much.
Will get on the mailing list. :)

EDIT! Well, I would, but my emails are constantly bounced despite complying (as far as I understand) with the rules of "netequette".
Can you tell me in simple english how to communicate with this site??
Did you read the sentence before the one you quoted (the one before the bit about netiquette)?

I'm sure Google will tell you how to send plain text emails from whatever application/service you use.
Thanks SqP for responding to my email!
I'm now back on the Vista machine for the moment and logged in!

I appreciate your advice regarding "plain Text" mail, wasn't totally sure that my application to infradead was accepted as "Plain Text" at the time but it seems to have been as I've received a membership reminder!

Still not been of any use but bearing in mind your advice regarding Vista's vulnerability, I've decided to knock it on the head and will be installing GIP on one of my Linux machines instead.
Thanks again for your assistance.

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