Box sets?
I see a number of Box Sets, such as Peaky Blinders, currently listed on iPlayer, but with get_iplayer I can only find a single episode.

Is it possible to do box sets?

I do wonder if I haven't installed it correctly. For example, this episode of Click this live on iPlayer, but if I search for it's Pid, I get nothing back.
I'm not in the UK so can't try it but the command get_iplayer --pid b045fz8r --pid-recursive should download them all.
Agreed. Using:
get_iplayer --pid b08gmjqz
… is working fine here.
Thanks, guys. That does work from the command line. I usually just use the browser to interact, any ideas why specifying 'pid' as th search and then b045fz8r would come up blank?
b045fz8r is the PID for the series and not an individual episode.

This is why it will work with --pid-recursive as that finds the PIDs for each available episode.