How can I use get_player on Chromebook?
Is there a workaround for using on Chromebooks? Thanks
A simple no would have been nice
As you undoubtedly know, Chromebook uses the Android Operating System.
So you will need to run a Windows or MacOS emulator and run GiA inside that.
Frankly, however, I doubt that such a thing exists.
Apparently there is a programme called Exagear in the Play Store but not all Chromebooks - inc mine - have access to the store yet. I suppose my follow up question would be why there isn't an android app for GiP?
I consume most GIP BBC media on an android device.I run my GIP from a virtual machine at home in England. I export the files to a dropbox (you get 20GB free, which is ample for a weeks' TV and radio). I have an incoming dropbox share where I dump pids and and cron runs and I see them a few mins later on dropbox.

That's how I use chrome, adndroid, windows , linux etc to watch my GIP content.
Sorry Im not that techno. Can you step me though that process a bit more for dummies?