Basic Help in Starting With Get_Iplayer ?
mediapenguin Wrote:I am equally baffled. I don't why admin  treats these queries as if we are boneheads.
The fact is it gets frustrating for other users here to keep trying to explain to new users how to use get_iplayer. That's what the guides are for.

Quote:It's like saying to some  guy who knows nothing about cars, go take the carbuerretor out.
No it isn't. Nobody is asking you to go and download a programme, we are asking what it is that you are trying to do. If you don't give us anything about which programme you are having problems with or whatever, it makes it very hard to help someone. All we end up doing is guessing what they might be asking.

Quote:I use the search page quite happily but this command box business is not explained in the guides at all.
If you mean the Command Line version of get_iplayer then yes it is all in the guides.

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