Radio: 30 days and everything 320kbps?
Many thanks for your informative post, jaybeee! It seems I have been eclipsed by developments (I'm looking forward to the Beeb providing discrete surround-sound with the catch-up versions of TV programmes that feature it, together with 1080p video, but I'm not holding my breath). If I go to BBC iPlayer in my web browser for a specific radio programme (in this case 6 Music) and right-click after streaming begins, '320kbps DASH af_timelight_UK_dash' is shown. Even my local BBC radio's catchup is 320kbps! I have exclusively been using get_iplayer; the last time I used BBC iPlayer catchup as above, everything except Radio 3 was 128kbps or lower. I was aware of the 320kbps live streams for national networks (as mentioned in my original post) but when I stumbled on them they were in an experimental phase. I'm sure that many people in UK listening in via streaming radios and tuners are still relying on the 128kbps feeds. I was certainly unaware that the higher bitrates had been extended to catch-up. I was using the 'general release' version of get_iplayer, which currently only yields 128kbps with non Radio 3 content; any wonder I was none the wiser? It was only when experimenting with the development version that the change was noticed (together with the ability to retrieve radio content originally broadcast more than a week ago). I'm not sure what's carried live on BBC Radio Player, as the BBC still hasn't given users the ability to check.

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