Radio: 30 days and everything 320kbps?
(14-05-2016, 08:51 AM)radiodaze Wrote: Good to know. Any thoughts to as to my first post?

What's the question(s)? radiodaze? I read your post twice and not exactly sure what you want to know.

A bit of info from my experience: I realised at the end of August 2015 that BBC Radio was beginning to rollout exciting upgrades to audio quality transmissions as part of the ongoing phases in the Audio Factory project, such that the week beginning 24th August BBC Radio 1 was broadcasting in 320kbps AAC (within the transport stream container, that can then be repackaged into an M4A container). However, the BBC's self-imposed 15-16kHz frequency cut-off (this applies to all formats of their broadcast such as FM, satellite, iplayer etc) was still evident. BBC Radio 3 was the only station at that time (during the Proms) to broadcast in full frequency (>22kHz).

The week commencing 28th Sept BBC Radio 1 broadcast without any frequency limits, which was awesome to find. I had actually noticed that Radio 3 and 6 Music were first to get this full frequency audio; presumably they were the test stations as the listener base is not as big as Radio 1, but enough to get realistic results for the Audio Factory devs. 

During this period (late summer / early autumn) I was capturing radio shows using the get_iplayer live recording functionality. It worked fine, but due to the upgrades and development at the BBC's end and extra demands placed upon the CDN servers etc etc there were interruptions in the broadcast (no audible issues, but rather data errors / latency issues that didn't affect the live audio) that get_iplayer hadn't been designed to cope with; in fact no live streaming progs could cope, but others allowed me to handle them. As dinky pointed out to me, get_iplayer's live recording wasn't a primary design concern. I actually used livestreamer as per dinky's suggestions and never got an error again (after adding some extra cmd coding). 

Fast forward a few months and all the server issues etc had abated and the get_iplayer live recording is good to use. But as you have also mentioned, the 2.95 dev version allows us to grab the 320kbps radio progs by default which is a game changer imo. I no longer record audio live and simply use get_iplayer (2.95 dev) as it was primarily designed to which is to access/provide archived shows.

So I'd say that if you are happy to use the 2.95 dev version then you can simply capture the radio shows you want in 320kbps full frequency quality. If a show needs editing, I either extract the AAC > edit in mp3directcut > repackage back in to M4A OR use ffmpeg to split the section of audio you want from the M4A file (using the cmd line or a .cmd [aka .bat] file).

Hope that helps or at least gives some extra info for you :-)

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