get_iPlayer cache files

To keep most of get-iPlayer working almost as before the BBC made their changes I have been making my own "tv.cache" files as get-iPlayer is not able to update the cache files at the moment.

The file should be renamed as “tv.cache” and copied & pasted into the correct location which is “C:\Users\”my USERNAME”\.get_iplayer\” on this Windows PC. If you are not sure of the location then you can open a DOS prompt (command prompt) and type “set” then hit enter, then look for “USERPROFILE” and next to this will be the correct location for the “tv.cache” file on your machine (if you add the “\.getiplayer\” part).

I don’t know if any of this is clear or explained properly, I am not a computer guy! LOL!! I hope that others with more experience can help to edit the files so that they can be used by more people who need them. I am not sure what has to be edited / deleted to make this file more compatible.

If I get time I may try to make a "radio.cache" file too...

Thank you everyone!


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