suggestion when saving searches in web PVR
Looking at TV schedules, I noted another TV program scheduled for tonight: proms again on BBC4. OK I though, I can get round that by searching for channel BBC Radio 3 rather than program type radio.
I created a new search. I saved it. The new search simply replaced the old one which actually was probably what I needed to do but ...
It's possible someone might want 2 searches using similar criteria - but maybe on different channels.
My suggestion is that get_iplayer should detect the existing search, and create a new one with a different name e.g.
prom_name_radio (existing search)
prom1_name_radio (new search)
Subsequently, both would appear in the PVR list, allowing the user to review / edit / delete / retain one or the other.
Best if get_iplayer doesn't silently over-write existing searches? It won't over-write existing downloads unless forced. What do you think?

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suggestion when saving searches in web PVR - by dgrainge - 22-09-2019, 05:47 PM

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