[FIXED] Web PVR is downloading TV for Proms when I would expect it to download only radio
I am running Web PVR, trying to download some recent Prom radio programmes, and I find I am actually downloading both TV and radio. This is not a disaster but is a surprise and an unfortunate overuse of bandwidth. I would expect to see type tv,radio if I want to download both ... as I correctly see in other PVR searches.

I am running Web PVR, and downloading via 'Run PVR'.  My PVR list includes an item prom_name_radio

fields name
fps25 0
subtitles 0
thumb 0
type radio
search0 prom

WHen I reach that point in my 'Run PVR' window I see the following, as of today:

INFO: PVR Run: 'prom_name_radio'

1030: BBC Proms: 2019 - Strauss, Sibelius and Prokofiev, BBC Four, m0007zff
1031: BBC Proms: 2019 - Homage to Nina Simone, BBC Four, m0007zfh
1033: BBC Proms: 2019 - Happy Birthday Henry Wood!, BBC Four, m00084zf
1037: BBC Proms: Proms Encore 2019 - Episode 6, BBC Two, m0008593
33912: BBC Proms 2019 on the World Service: BBC Proms 2019 - Painting pictures with orchestral colours, BBC World Service, w3csz53d
33917: BBC Proms: 2019 Repeats - Prom 44: Belshazzar’s Feast, BBC Radio 3, m00083c2
33954: BBC Proms: 2019 - Prom 55: Handel's Jephtha, BBC Radio 3, m0007yrs
33955: BBC Proms: 2019 - Prom 57: Mozart, Rachmaninov and Qigang Chen, BBC Radio 3, m00083bx
33956: BBC Proms: 2019 - Prom 58: Tchaikovsky, Janáček, Szymanowski and Linda Catlin Smith, BBC Radio 3, m00083c6
33957: BBC Proms: 2019 - Prom 56: Henry Wood Tribute, BBC Radio 3, m00084c3
33958: BBC Proms: 2019 - Proms at … Cadogan Hall 7: Silesian String Quartet, BBC Radio 3, m00084ck
33959: BBC Proms: 2019 - Prom 59: Benvenuto Cellini, BBC Radio 3, m00084cr
INFO: 12 matching programmes

The first 4 of these are TV programs, and I would not expect to see them on my list.  This has occurred in other recent prom downloads - which I do every 4 or 5 days.

Both iplayer and chrome are up-to-date, as is windows 10.

Get_iplayer 3.22
Chrome 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.295]

Can anyone cast some light on this? Many thanks.

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