[FIXED] failed to download radio programme with only podcast2 version
Dinky (& Chuck Bennett)

Thanks for explaining why the Profile Programme (Andrew Moffat - m00040hk) failed to download.  My system also failed to download it but I hadn't got around to checking the logs.  I understand better now.

The next Profile (Danny Rose - m00045sx) also failed to download at about 0530 yesterday (Sun 14-Apr) and also failed today (Mon 14-Apr) at about the same time.  Suspecting a similar problem, I checked my log file for "available versions:", but the line didn't exist.  The pid was in the radio.cache on both days.

So I've just tried a manual download (~1400 on 15-Apr), and it has now worked fine.  Can one assume that this was a problem at the beeb?

Now I know a little more about odd podcast versions, I went digging in my logs and found another culprit - "Only Artists: Series 7 - Debbie Wiseman meets Peter Kosminsky, BBC iPlayer, m00035n4".  GiP reports that the available version for this is podcast3.

Thanks again, Dinky, for the hard work and keeping us sane.


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