How do I run multiple get_iplayer commands from a single .bat file?
If you're trying to learn batch script programming, that's fair enough, but I suggest you let get_iplayer do the work. Use the PVR functionality - that's what it is for. If you don't want to do that, here is a hint relevant to your script: As you're told in the documentation, when you launch get_iplayer, you're actually launching another batch script (get_iplayer.cmd). Do some googling on the different ways to do that and their implications. As it is, you have no way to return to the main script after the first get_iplayer command finishes.

Also, it is unnecessary to make the installation directory your working directory. If your value of %PATH% is screwed up such get_iplayer is not available from any working directory, you need to reinstall or fix %PATH%. In any event, you generally don't want to let a script you invoke interactively persist a change of working directory after it exits. Google for info on how to make such environment changes local to the script itself.

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