I always have problems logging in here, and I don't come that often!
Currently, I have no problem logging in with the password I changed a few weeks ago, my Edge Browser remembers it, ...but it won't share that information with me! Grrr!
This means that since I am not privy to the actual digits required to log in manually on another device, I would have to request yet another password change in order to do so; which would of course lock me out of my account on my Windows 10 machine and so the merry-go-round continues!
I cannot even change the damned thing via my User CP, since you need to know the dratted password before you will be allowed to change it!

I have used the contact us facility at the bottom of the page, but as soon as I pressed send, I'm told that I cannot use this facility as I have reached my quota of 1 message for the day!!
does that mean that the missive I drafted was not sent, ...or is this message telling me I can't send any more?
If so, that is superfluous information, since I have not attempted to send another message!!!

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