The "Added:" prefix for new programmes
v3.01 is broken by BBC changes and no longer supported. Update to 3.06 and try again. My guess is that your scheme still won't work, albeit for a different reason. I don't see how you could be appending anything by using only grep, so I assume you are referring to the "Added:" prefix that get_iplayer prepended to its dump of newly-indexed programmes.  get_iplayer no longer produces such a dump. You can filter the "Added:" records (if there are any) from the output from get_iplayer --verbose, but it's cleaner to use --since=N to list programmes added in the last N hours. If N is less than your cache update interval, the list will contain only programmes added in the update just performed. You also appear to be relying on the fact that when invoked without arguments, get_iplayer dumps a list of its entire cache contents. That behaviour is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. You will need to explicitly request a full dump by using ".*" as a search string.

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