Only AD version available
Quote:So can anyone enlighten me in what may be happening?

Yes, the BBC haven't made the non audio described version available, so the only one available is an audio described version. It happens a lot.

Quote:And let me finally say that the AD & SIGNED programmes are a curse to me. Most often I've missed a programme & then when I see it is available I'm all excited that I can finally download it only to find it is only available as an AD OR SIGNED. I think that the BBC should have a dedicated channel with AD & SIGNED versions for the disabled people & leave the normal channels with the normal versions for normal people. It seems at times there are more AD & SIGNED versions available than normal ones.

Boo hoo. Go and cry to the BBC about it. That attitude is not welcome here for it's blatant discriminatory tone, let alone the irrelevance of the statement to get_iplayer.

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