Series downloads not going to custom folder.
Hi everybody,

Bit of a quick and odd question, has anyone run into this problem recently?

- A direct one off download happily heads off to 'D:\Downloads\iPlayer' as set in GUI
- An automatic series download in the 'PVR List' insists on heading to the desktop folder.

Can't figure it out it's a recent development since the 2.95.x releases (had not updated for a while) is there a separate location in a config file somewhere that I've not found or is it a spot of duff code for the series based downloads?

I would ignore it but don't want my SSD getting clogged up so I normally offload the downloads to a HD until I do something with them.

Cheers in advance for any help :)

EDIT: Just noticed that one off's list the output dir but series items do not, could this be the cause?

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Series downloads not going to custom folder. - by Nebular Nerd - 22-08-2016, 09:40 PM

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