Basic Help in Starting With Get_Iplayer ?
Really struggling with getting off the ground here and I have tried hard - believe me !

Are there some basic instructions anywhere to help somebody who isn't familiar with CLI screens. I can load up my Get_Iplayer CLI black window but then what do I do because whatever I type it says it does not recognise the command !

I'm trying to grab a video from BBC Iplayer on a Windows 10 PC.

Step by Step help will save my life ....... appreciate any help you can offer !
Does the link labelled "Guides" at the top of this page not suggest something to you?
Yes - thanks !

I can search and find BBC TV programmes but I'm trying to get specific downloads from the BBC Iplayer screen. specifically live band full shows from Glastonbury 2016. If I search for Glastonbury, I only get TV broadcasts. If i search for the bands showing on the page then I get no match.
hi, i'm new here myself
can i ask. when you did your search did you get this:
499: Glastonbury Golden Greats - -, BBC Four, , default
500: Glastonbury: 2016 - James, BBC Four, , default
501: Glastonbury: 2016 - ZZ Top & the Lumineers, BBC Four, , default
502: Glastonbury: 2016 - Foals, BBC Four, , default
503: Glastonbury: 2016 - Muse & Underworld, BBC Four, , default
504: Glastonbury: 2016 - Friday Part 1, BBC Two England, , default
505: Glastonbury: 2016 - Friday Part 2, BBC Two England, , default
506: Glastonbury: 2016 - New Order & Philip Glass's Heroes Symphony, BBC Four, , default
507: Glastonbury: 2016 - Gregory Porter & Ellie Goulding, BBC Four, , default
508: Glastonbury: 2016 - PJ Harvey, BBC Four, , default
509: Glastonbury: 2016 - Earth, Wind & Fire, BBC Four, , default
510: Glastonbury: 2016 - Saturday Part 1, BBC Two England, , default
511: Glastonbury: 2016 - Saturday Part 2, BBC Two England, , default
512: Glastonbury: 2016 - Saturday Part 3 - including Adele, BBC Two England,, default
513: Glastonbury: 2016 - Sunday Part 1, BBC Two England, , default
514: Glastonbury: 2016 - Sunday Part 2 - including Coldplay, BBC Two England,, default
515: Glastonbury: 2016 - Baaba Maal & Mbongwana Star, BBC Four, , default
516: Glastonbury: 2016 - Squeeze & the Last Shadow Puppets, BBC Four, , default

INFO: 18 Matching Programmes
(30-06-2016, 04:06 PM)Paul33 Wrote: Are there some basic instructions anywhere to help somebody who isn't familiar with CLI screens. I can load up my Get_Iplayer CLI black window but then what do I do because whatever I type it says it does not recognise the command !
I can't tell from your response whether you have gotten past the "not recognised" error and you are actually running get_iplayer. If not, then it is possible you are not invoking get_iplayer from the Start Menu for some reason. If you are using the Start Menu shortcut, then your installation appears to be broken or else you didn't install get_iplayer properly. Download the installer from the link on this page:

and reinstall get_iplayer.  If it still doesn't work, see this.
If you are in fact now running get_iplayer, then you need to flesh out your report. Don't post things like "BBC Iplayer screen" and "showing on the page" when you don't provide any clue what they refer to. Nobody can know what you're talking about. If you looking for a radio programme rather than a TV programme, go back to the guides. If you're complaining that a performance you're looking for isn't in the get_iplayer search results, I've already explained that here. Some Glastonbury performances won't be indexed by get_iplayer anyway since they don't appear in the BBC schedules. If you're trying to download specific programmes and the downloads are failing, then post the URLs so somebody else can check them.
Example URL =

Richardj - yes I get that list but a lot of stuff was only available via the "red button" rather than via mainstream TV broadcasts. Many of these are now available on the BBC Iplayer page for download.
That URL works fine. Read this and post a proper problem report so that we can see what is happening on your system. if it is simply the case that you don't know how to download with a URL, go back to the documentation and look at the examples.
I've given up and used Movavi to capture what I need ..... happy with the result.

Thank you to those who tried to help !!!
mediapenguin Wrote:I am equally baffled. I don't why admin  treats these queries as if we are boneheads.
The fact is it gets frustrating for other users here to keep trying to explain to new users how to use get_iplayer. That's what the guides are for.

Quote:It's like saying to some  guy who knows nothing about cars, go take the carbuerretor out.
No it isn't. Nobody is asking you to go and download a programme, we are asking what it is that you are trying to do. If you don't give us anything about which programme you are having problems with or whatever, it makes it very hard to help someone. All we end up doing is guessing what they might be asking.

Quote:I use the search page quite happily but this command box business is not explained in the guides at all.
If you mean the Command Line version of get_iplayer then yes it is all in the guides.