Can I use get_iplayer to convert subs from ttml to srt at local PC?
A few days ago,get_iplayer doesn't work for missing xml files or something,
so I used youtube-dl to record Cbeebies with subs ,but the subs is ttml format,not srt format.
But I found some codes in get_iplayer source files about downloading and convertting subs,I try to figure it out ,but failed, it's too hard for me to convert code and build an APP.
So ,May I request you to add funcontion of convertting subs to srt from local files,
if someday get_iplayer fail to recording again,I can use youtube-dl instead for somedays with the get_iplayer function to convert subs ttml to srt .

Sorry for my poor english,I just record Cbeebies videos for my little girl,and the English subs is very important to me and my daughter,so I hope you dinky will answer me .
Sorry, no. youtube-dl can convert subtitles. See its documentation.
I have tried,but it failed.
my mistake?
I did it.
I made a mistake between --convert-subs and --sub-format.
Thx very much!

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