Add option to set genre tag
Can I suggest an option to set the genre of a download similar to the existing --tag-format-show option I guess I am picky about the genre of my shows. It would save me having to tag them manually using itunes or atomicparsley,
Sorry, it's a no. --tag-format-show was part of a one-off fudge to clean up previous tagging options while retaining a means for backwards compatibility. Otherwise, I have no plans to use anything other than the metadata provided by the BBC. If you're picky about your tags and don't want to use iTunes or similar, use --no-tag and/or --metadata to produce an untagged media file and/or XML data you can use to drive your own tagging script. You may be able to automate it via --command.
Thanks for considering it. I will try some scripting of AtomicParsley