[DONE] tracklist > cue sheet formatting
Since v3.13 there is the new and useful --tracklist, --tracklist-only & --tag-tracklist options. Thank you for this.

To me, the next logical step of this new tracklist output functionality would be to format it into a cue sheet format, so that it can actually be used against the file downloaded. I'm aware and accepting that the .trk (or even .cue would be better) would almost certainly need editing, but having 90%+ of the work done would be a massive time saver.

For example, the 25 year running Essential Mix show would be a prime example of benefiting from a cue sheet formatted file.

It would appear that the various fields used to create the get_iplayer tracklist (.trk) can be used to rearrange the output format so that a cue sheet can be created. That is to say, the Artist name, Track Title & Start Time are all there (the record label can also be used and appended to the end of the Track Title).

Of course, if no Start Time's are available for the tracks within the programme then a cue sheet cannot be correctly created; although still allowing a cue sheet output file to be created would then give the user a foundation with which to add the times to it if they so desired.

Using the Peggy Gou Essential Mix as an example (and only the first three tracks from it to save space):

get_iplayer .trk output

Radio 1's Essential Mix
Peggy Gou
Arthur Russell
Upside Records
Duration: 00:02:04
Yun Sang
The Dawn
Duration: 00:03:18
J Dilla
U And Ur Smile
Duration: 00:01:53

cue sheet format of the Peggy Gou .trk above
TITLE "Essential Mix"
REM COMMENT http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09tctsg
   PERFORMER "Peggy Gou"
   TITLE "Radio 1's Essential Mix"
   INDEX 01 00:00:00
   PERFORMER "Arthur Russell"
   TITLE "See-Through [Upside Records]"
   INDEX 01 01:51:00
   PERFORMER "Yun Sang"
   TITLE "The Dawn"
   INDEX 01 03:54:00
   PERFORMER "J Dilla"
   TITLE "U And Ur Smile"
   INDEX 01 07:08:00

You'll notice that the first track the .trk file starts with is at 00:01:51, but the cue sheet has a "track" inserted before that to cover the Pete Tong programme introduction. Therefore, there would need to be some validation to do see if the first track time was at 00:00:00 or not. If not, then add 00:00:00 to the first cue sheet (TRACK 01 AUDIO) and use the programme title (Radio 1's Essential Mix) and performer (Peggy Gou). As mentioned, the output file will almost always need editing, so whether this is the correct PERFORMER & TITLE isn't an issue.

I hope that makes sense?

Sorry, but it's a no from me. I considered this beforehand, but I'm not willing to support it. The BBC has already threatened to remove the data source. You can make a cue sheet from the track list files, or you can use the related code to inform your own implementation.
ok, no probs. There might be another option. If I get it working I'll let yous all know.
--cuesheet and --cuesheet-only options added in v3.21