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too many notices/emails - rich1842 - 07-05-2016

Hello - I have tried several times unsubscribing from all threads etc but each time seems to make the situation worse: I am bombarded by emails. Please kindly help me someone?

RE: too many notices/emails - dinky - 07-05-2016

Go to User CP -> Edit Options, then change your Automatic Subscriptions setting to Disabled. You set it to subscribe to all new threads and posts, so of course you would get notified for every new post on the site, though there aren't that many. As you should have noticed, you only got "bombarded" today because of a particularly malevolent spammer who decided to do his dirty work in the wee hours before anyone noticed.

RE: too many notices/emails - rich1842 - 07-05-2016

Thank you!