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Lost radio 320kbps - wirelesshead - 28-04-2016

Only recently noticed my radio downloads are back to 128kbps since April, they've been the lovely 320kbps for a while. I'm running the githib dev version of get_iplayer.

Options I use:
radiomode hlsbest,flashaachigh,flashaacstd

githib is currently down so I can't check if get_iplayer has been updated recently.

RE: Lost radio 320kbps - SquarePenguin - 28-04-2016

If you are reporting a problem that you feel get_iplayer is responsible for please have a read of this:

Specifically point 2 - please post the exact command you are using as well as the options you use.

Incidentally, GitHub is not down so you may have other network issues.

RE: Lost radio 320kbps - wirelesshead - 28-04-2016

Github error was down to my server having a weird moment, rebooted and updated get_iplayer. Then I saw the radio modes listed now included "dash".

Set my radio options to:
radiomode dashbest,hlsbest,flashaachigh,flashaacstd

And it's started downloading 320kbps again! I missed that change somehow.