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Is livestreaming broken? - ParalysedBeaver - 01-11-2014

I was trying to use the commands

get_iplayer --stream --type=livetv "BBC One" --player="vlc -"

but it gives me an error about not being from the UK. Which is weird because I can download an episode just fine using the PID method and a UK based VPN.

Is livestreaming broken? - SquarePenguin - 01-11-2014

Despite the BBC's decision to turn off the feeds get_iplayer relies on, and imply get_iplayer won't be getting access to the upcoming Nitro API, I will still be enforcing the long standing policy of not condoning access to geo-restricted content via the use of VPN's or other technologies.

As your issue relates to VPN use this topic is now closed.