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Windows 7 support - Threepwood - 30-08-2019

Just wondered, considering MS are stopping Security updates for Windows 7 next year, are there plans to end support for Windows 7?

RE: Windows 7 support - mrg9999 - 30-08-2019

Custom support will be available if someone is willing to pay for it until January 2023 and longer if they are willing to pay more.

I doubt if GIP is going to be affected.

RE: Windows 7 support - dinky - 02-09-2019

Formally, Windows 7 support will be dropped when MS drops support in January. Practically, there won't be any effect on get_iplayer until something prevents one of get_iplayer's dependencies from running on Windows 7. If that happens, we won't fix it. In that event, if Windows 7 compatibility can be maintained by a manual installation using obsolete dependencies, anyone is free to post the necessary instructions, though of course we won't support such installations.