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Web PVR fails to start properly - 3.20 - alansh - 02-03-2019

I installed 3.20 and the installation asked if I wanted to start the Web PVR manager (I'm running Windows 10 v 1809). It started OK.

A few days later, it crashed out (it always does this very now and then) and I tried to restart it as I always do - from a menu item on my desktop. The CMD window opened up, it said "Listening on port 1935" (or something similar) and that was it. Normally it tries to open a browser window but this time, it didn't.

I tried to manually connect to localhost:1935 but that didn't do anything.

I tried this 3 times. I then re-installed version 3.18 and everything worked as normal.

Is this a known issue?