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Exclude Programmes syntax and usage (WebPVR) - Gio300ZX - 03-01-2019

I have a long list of Programmes I exclude from Search in WebPVR in order to cut the pages in Search down to a reasonable number. I know I will never want, e.g. to record Today or Bells on Sunday and so on - so exclude them.

1. The Archers excludes both The Archers and The Archers Omnibus
- is there an exclude string which will exclude the daily programme The Archers and not the weekly The Archers Omnibus?
2. Tweet excludes Tweet of the Day
- this, I take it, is a partial string match. Does this mean that Tweet would exclude any programme which begins with the word Tweet?
3. The World Today does not exclude The World of Pub
- to me, that's how it should work, but given the examples in 1 and 2, why doesn't it? Does the search use the whole string between the commas in the list - so if I used ,Tweet of the Day, this would exclude Tweet of the Day but not Tweet of the Week ?