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Which audio modes for BBC Radio bit rates - Gio300ZX - 03-01-2019

In fine-tuning my options, I wanted to check I wasn't using too high (uses too much space) or too low (sounds bad) bit rate for recordings. My main use for get_iplayer is timeshifting for BBC Radio 4 Extra in the car. In the modes wiki it says:
  • You may feel that 320kbps is unnecessary if you only record speech radio programmes
which makes sense and is why I use radiomode better (options) or radiobetter (WebPVR). But it got me wondering what actual bit rates are used by the BBC so searched and found this doc from the BBC - interesting for those with a broadcast / studio interest in general but also has in Appendix 2 the actual bit rates by station / platform they currently use
There's also a less detailed web page
I'm not certain what governs which of the 4 Profiles is used, my guess is that this is negotiated between the device requesting the stream and the platform. Is that what the radiomode does?