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WARNING: Segment not available from server - botchla - 04-05-2017

Sorry, I will try again, and thanks for getting back to me.

As stated, I was previously getting the HD 720p downloads and now the highest I can get is 960x540.

I'm using version 3.00-homebrew.0 on OS X 10.11.6.

I used the following command: get_iplayer --pid p050qg8q. This is Can't Cope, Won't Cope episode 1 (

I have also tried it with other programmes, including a Numberblocks episode (pid b08phbzc,, the previous episode of which downloaded at 720p yesterday.

Log is attached.

RE: Cannot download video size higher than 960x540 for ??? - dinky - 04-05-2017

Thanks for the log. You can save yourself some time by reading the output from get_iplayer and then checking recent threads in the forums. The current 4th one down the list is titled with exactly the same warning message found in your output. I'll be merging this thread into that one. As for the issue at hand, see the big green banner at the top of the forums home page.