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Radio Series "Tracks" missing from cache - t_offlock - 20-12-2017

There is a Radio 4 Drama series called "Tracks".  Series 1 was broadcast in 2016 and appeared in the cache ok.

[ Aside: Since grepping the cache for the string "tracks" produces a LOT of results, I searched (grep -i)  for "|tracks" which found only the entries where the field started with this overused key-word.]

Anyway, series 2 has been broadcast since 6-November-2017 but the only (relevant) programmes to appear in the cache have been parts 1 & 2 of the Omnibus.  The episodes are downloadable by using the PID.

The base PID for the series is:

Does anyone have any idea why none of the individual episodes have made it to the cache?



PS  I realise it may be too late to diagnose this now - I tried to post this around 8-Dec when the website was refusing new threads.

RE: Radio Series "Tracks" missing from cache - dinky - 21-12-2017

The individual episodes were only released as a podcast. Look at the episode pages on the iPlayer Radio site - no broadcast dates. Only the omnibus episodes were broadcast.

RE: Radio Series "Tracks" missing from cache - t_offlock - 21-12-2017


Thanks very much. I hadn't even thought about programmes that would be podcast-only. I'll try & remember. ;-)