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The mailing list, and this forum.. (passwords) - wakou222 - 06-09-2017

Hi folks, I have been having some minor problems with 3.01, so I thought I would ask... Then the REAL problems started!...
I used to subscribe to the mailing list. The updates stopped for an unknown reason some months ago. So I headed over to to update my preferences... Password? Not accepted.
Click for renewal/reminder.. No reply. So, I cannot update/unsubscribe!
So I thought I would ask on this forum:
"Administrators need you to change your password" OK, fair enough..
After a few attempts..
"Password must be TWELVE characters and include upper and lower case and numbers"

Is this not a bit excessive for a simple forum?

RE: The mailing list, and this forum.. (passwords) - SquarePenguin - 06-09-2017

It's actually "12 or more" characters long. But you're right, I really should make it at least 20 characters.