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  How do I download mono subtitles and embed them in MP4 file?
Posted by: Wilbye - 10-01-2019, 06:25 PM - Forum: Windows General Help & Support - Replies (2)

Excuse my incompetence.

I am trying to embed subtitles in MP4 conversions and also have mono subtitles.

My options file is simple

output F:\Iplayer_Recordings

subsembed 1

subsmono 1

If I record a programme using the Windows PVR manager  > Recording > Download subtitles on,  it doesn't embed the subtitles in the MP4 but the subtitles are in mono when the subtitle file is downloaded.

If I use the command line e.g
get_iplayer --pid=b00vk2lp --subs-embed --subs-mono

That doesn't work either.

So where am I going wrong?  Help appreciated.

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  How do I exclude programmes from --pid-recursive episode list with --mark-downloaded?
Posted by: springchicken - 04-01-2019, 05:00 PM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (2)


I periodically use --recurse-pid to download new episodes of ongoing series on Radio 4 such as Thinking Allowed or More or Less, but some episodes are in the old flash format and cannot be handled by get_iplayer.
These give errors such as

ERROR: Failed to download URL (3/3): https://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselecto...3?cb=67111
ERROR: Response: 403 Forbidden
ERROR: Ignore this error if programme download is successful

ERROR: Failed to download URL (3/3): https://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselecto...3?cb=52986
ERROR: Response: 403 Forbidden
ERROR: Ignore this error if programme download is successful
WARNING: No media streams found for requested programme versions and recording modes.

I am not fussed about the 'missing' episodes but I'd like to avoid the errors each time, so I thought I'd get the PID from the URL and use this to stop attempted downloads but unfortunately that does not work. Despite having added these PIDs to the download_history file (using mark-downloaded) I still get these errors.

Is there any other way to prevent these errors?


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  Exclude Programmes syntax and usage (WebPVR)
Posted by: Gio300ZX - 03-01-2019, 10:08 PM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

I have a long list of Programmes I exclude from Search in WebPVR in order to cut the pages in Search down to a reasonable number. I know I will never want, e.g. to record Today or Bells on Sunday and so on - so exclude them.

1. The Archers excludes both The Archers and The Archers Omnibus
- is there an exclude string which will exclude the daily programme The Archers and not the weekly The Archers Omnibus?
2. Tweet excludes Tweet of the Day
- this, I take it, is a partial string match. Does this mean that Tweet would exclude any programme which begins with the word Tweet?
3. The World Today does not exclude The World of Pub
- to me, that's how it should work, but given the examples in 1 and 2, why doesn't it? Does the search use the whole string between the commas in the list - so if I used ,Tweet of the Day, this would exclude Tweet of the Day but not Tweet of the Week ?


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  Which audio modes for BBC Radio bit rates
Posted by: Gio300ZX - 03-01-2019, 11:22 AM - Forum: General Topics - No Replies

In fine-tuning my options, I wanted to check I wasn't using too high (uses too much space) or too low (sounds bad) bit rate for recordings. My main use for get_iplayer is timeshifting for BBC Radio 4 Extra in the car. In the modes wiki https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/modes it says:

  • You may feel that 320kbps is unnecessary if you only record speech radio programmes
which makes sense and is why I use radiomode better (options) or radiobetter (WebPVR). But it got me wondering what actual bit rates are used by the BBC so searched and found this doc from the BBC - interesting for those with a broadcast / studio interest in general but also has in Appendix 2 the actual bit rates by station / platform they currently use http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/radio/commiss...nRadio.pdf
There's also a less detailed web page https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/help/codecs_bitrates
I'm not certain what governs which of the 4 Profiles is used, my guess is that this is negotiated between the device requesting the stream and the platform. Is that what the radiomode does?

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  Struggling with saving presets (to replace options file)
Posted by: Gio300ZX - 02-01-2019, 12:13 PM - Forum: Windows General Help & Support - Replies (3)

Hi, I normally use WebPVR Manager and am not used to the cli so am struggling with the recent removal of the options file from 3.18. I had a number of options set but now need to use presets. I can't work out if I set prefs in the cli if the prefs are remembered from one session to the next.

I have read several threads and guide sections. At the bottom of this thread https://forums.squarepenguin.co.uk/thread-1319.html it says using --prefs-add will store it as a default.

Yet this thread https://forums.squarepenguin.co.uk/threa...ght=preset refers to presets which should be stored in the profile directory.

Another thread referred to the Setting preferences page in the wiki https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/prefs which also says presets aare stored in the profile directory. This page does give examples of various presets but at one stage says "see below for options file format" and later says "preset files have the same format as the user settings files (see above)" - there is no information in between as to what format the file should be in .txt or what?

I'm sure this is my lack of understanding as a non-cli non-Linux non-techie so apologies for that. But I would appreciate some guidance as to how to move the things I have in the options file to a preset which will persist from one shutdown to the next start up. Thanks.

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  v3.18: PID-based PVR search indexes radio programmes without --type=radio
Posted by: errfmt - 31-12-2018, 02:30 AM - Forum: Windows Troubleshooting - Replies (1)

This fix in 3.18 has introduced some unwanted behaviour (at least for me).
If a TV only get_iplayer instance is used with 3.18 when a pid based search (or a Once from Web PVR Manager) is included with --pvr it now indexes and creates a Radio cache even though type is set to TV and search is for a TV programme.
Prior to 3.18 it was possible to only have a TV cache if Radio downloads were not required.

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  Episode numbers zero-padded to 2 digits
Posted by: HarryVaderci - 28-12-2018, 07:04 PM - Forum: Windows General Help & Support - Replies (2)

"The episode number prepended to <episode> is now zero-padded to 2 digits. This is reflected in the default output file name format."

Why? This is a massive PITA as existing downloads are re-downloaded when doing a --force.


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  get_iplayer 3.18 released
Posted by: dinky - 28-12-2018, 03:56 PM - Forum: Release Announcements - No Replies


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  How do I download The Case of Charles Dexter Ward podcast?
Posted by: nickpheas - 27-12-2018, 06:30 PM - Forum: Any Other Business - Replies (2)

Anyone spotted this? BBC kind of podcast


First episode is here

Searching though for that pid at least using PVR Manager 3.13.0 doesn't bring anything up, probably because it's not actually been broadcast and while they've created a podcast RSS for it, they haven't put any more than the trailer into that feed.

Is there any way of pointing GiP at it? I don't really want to have to stream it while audacity tries to capture what's been played and actually mangles things.

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  Is HD stream available for Top of the Pops Christmas 2018?
Posted by: andy29 - 27-12-2018, 06:17 PM - Forum: General Topics - Replies (2)

Hi, I was wanting to keep a copy of this year's Christmas special (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bwq67b) but it looks like the best resolution available is 960x540, 25fps. Nothing better seems to be picked up on the iPlayer website or get_iplayer. I'm expecting the answer to be 'no', but have I missed anything, is there a 720p version somewhere?

I seem to remember this happening other years, yet looking back at last year I did appear to get a 720p version with get_iplayer. Is it just a rights thing? It always seemed odd to me as I would have thought it would be time limited more than resolution.

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