Missing Posts, Rule Violations and Warning Level

If you cannot see a post or thread you recently created, this will be for one of three reasons:

  1. Your post was caught by spam filters and has been held for moderation by the forum administrators. Wait at least 24 hours to see if the post is approved before contacting the administrators. Do not create additional copies of your original post. They will most likely also be identified as spam.
  2. Your post or thread was moved to a more suitable location by forum administrators. Your thread may have been moved to a more appropriate forum. If you hijacked an unrelated thread, your post may have been split into a new thread or moved to a related existing thread. Off-topic threads will have been moved to the "Any Other Business" forum, and they will not be visible under "Recent Threads". To see all your available posts, click "View Profile" in your User Control Panel, then click "Find All Posts" under Total Posts.
  3. Your post or thread violated one or more of the forum rules and was removed by the forum administrators. If that happened, you should have received one or more warnings. Click "View Profile" in your User Control Panel and check your Warning Level. If it is greater than 0%, click on the value to see the warning(s) issued to you. If the value reaches 40%, you will be blocked from posting for two weeks, with two more weeks added for each additional 20%. Posting bans are recalculated based on total warning level at time of most recent warning. Warnings expire after six months.