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Full Version: Can't create file that already exists
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Using Win90 and keep getting this message but I've deleted the iplayer recordings file in users and administrators accounts. I've also reinstalled but no change
C;\Users\Admininistrator\Desktop\iplayer Recordings File exists, cannot create a file when that file already exists at line 4329

There must be a command line to help. Thanks
Read the Windows installer instructions in the wiki. They address what appears to be your problem.
Hello  I took your advice and set up a non administrator account in my user account name and it advised that things had been updated but when I tried to d/l a pid I was told access was denied line 4329.  So I then logged into the administrator account and the PID seemed to d/l  but then I can't locate the iplayer recordings file.  Retired beaten and frustrated.  Thanks for your time and interest anyway.  I'll wait till it's on Pirate Bay.
You seem to have misunderstood the instructions. Wait until the next release and try again - the installer will be changing.
Hi Dinky and thanks again for your concern. At the moment all this effort hardly seems worth it for the ever decreasing standard of product on the BBC but perhaps that's just me getting cynical in my old age.
I would suggest you re-read the instructions. As explained there, you can bypass this problem simply by configuring the get_iplayer output directory while logged in with your normal user account. Most people don't run into this issue because they only use one account that is created in the Administrators group. If you use a separate Administrator user, the get_iplayer installer has a flaw that can cause problems if you aren't careful. The next release will remove that flaw.
When is the next release planned for?