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Full Version: How do I locate get_iplayer in Ubuntu?
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Bit of beginner here, so be patient!
I'm trying to set up a cron job to download some radio programs automatically.

The instructions call for the command
/path/to/get_iplayer --pvr
but which path should I choose?

whereis get_iplayer
get_iplayer: /usr/bin/get_iplayer /etc/get_iplayer /usr/share/get_iplayer /usr/share/man/ma/get_iplayer.1.gz

Running Ubuntu 16.04 and using the get-player PPA.

Thank you.
Use "which" instead of "whereis".

EDIT: Since you're looking for the get_iplayer binary (i.e., the main script), there is a clue in the "whereis" output.
Hi @dinky,

Thank you for clearing my doubts, and for changing the title to something more appropriate!
The cronjob works fine now.

On a different note, can you explain me how get_iplayer knows which episode to download?
There are 5 episodes of RadioProgram on iPlayer, 4 of which I already downloaded during the week; how the program knew to download only the last episode?
get_iplayer keeps a download_history. See FAQ list.