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Full Version: AtomicParsley hangs in Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu)
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get_iplayer 3.01-ppa30a
running in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
The only issue I have is this, tv or radio programmes download OK and the files play fine, but I have to CTRL-C to end and then run again to find the next available programme in my --get list. It just hangs at the end of the progress bar.
I've did an upgrade to the latest ffmpeg, made no difference:

INFO: Begin recording file: /mnt/c/Video/
INFO: Begin recording at: 0.00 MiB (00:00:00) [1]
INFO: Recorded: 96.62 MiB (00:42:01) [394] in 00:07:45 at 1.66 Mibit/s
INFO: Saved DASH audio file: /mnt/c/Video/Gardeners_Corner_-_Gardeners_Corner_summer_phone-in_with_Helen_Mark_b0910bxb_original.dash.m4a
INFO: Begin converting audio file: /mnt/c/Video/Gardeners_Corner_-_Gardeners_Corner_summer_phone-in_with_Helen_Mark_b0910bxb_original.dash.m4a
size=   98902kB time=00:42:00.02 bitrate= 321.5kbits/s speed= 301x
INFO: Converted to file: /mnt/c/Video/Gardeners_Corner_-_Gardeners_Corner_summer_phone-in_with_Helen_Mark_b0910bxb_original.partial.m4a
INFO: Recorded file: /mnt/c/Video/Gardeners_Corner_-_Gardeners_Corner_summer_phone-in_with_Helen_Mark_b0910bxb_original.m4a

INFO: Begin tagging file: /mnt/c/Video/Gardeners_Corner_-_Gardeners_Corner_summer_phone-in_with_Helen_Mark_b0910bxb_original.m4a

Started writing to temp file.
Progress: >  0% -------------------------------------------------------|
It's freezing when it runs atomicparsley to tag the downloaded programme. Atomicparsley doesn't work on Ubuntu on Windows - no idea why, I just know that it doesn't.

You should be able to work around this by disabling tagging.

Thanks for that. Problem solved.